An Overview of the College


    • Central features of the new landscape:

The 32 FET institutions in Gauteng are being reconfigured as 8 FET Colleges.

The Tshwane North College for FET consists of the following institutions:

    • Mamelodi College
    • Soshanguve College
    • Pretoria College

The Tshwane North College for FET, with three main campuses spread along the central, northern and eastern parts of the Greater Pretoria area, came about by the merging of the following three technical colleges:

  • Soshanguve College
  • Pretoria College
  • Mamelodi College

These three colleges, as were all technical colleges in South Africa, were declared public Further Education and Training Institutions in September 2001 as part of a process to make colleges more efficient and the delivery of programmes more streamlined. For this reason these Colleges now operate under Act 98 of 1998, the Further Education and Training Act. This Act further stipulates that an FET institution should:

  • Promote the realisation of the potential of every student and staff member
  • Respond to the needs of South Africa, the labour market and the communities served by the Institution
  • Provide optimal learning opportunities
  • Ensure access to further education and training and the workplace for all persons
  • Promote the values which underline an open and democratic society based on human dignity, equality and freedom

In striving to realise these objectives, the three institutions have been working on a merger plan since August 2001 of which some aspects have been implemented already. Eight working groups were established in 2003 and focussed on the following main areas of responsibilities:

  • Finances
  • Academic programmes
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Administration and business systems
  • Quality Assurance
  • Human Resources
  • Learner Affairs and Support
  • Infrastructure and Facilities

Attention has already also been given to the following aspects:

  • Inclusiveness
  • Promotion of reconstruction and development
  • Special emphasis will be placed on the development of formerly deprived communities and regeneration projects
  • Community service and learnerships will be linked to career-oriented studies
  • Delivery will be through multi-sites and partnerships
  • The new college will have to tap into public, private and civil society resources
  • Local communities will have to be served

It is clear from all the aforementioned that the merger between the Mamelodi, Soshanguve and Pretoria Colleges will contribute to the realization of the objectives as were set by Government, such as that it will:

  • be an institution that will respond to the needs of industry and the different communities it serves
  • concentrate on the identified economic growth and development priorities of the province
  • provide lifelong learning opportunities for post-school and out-of-school youths and adults through the acquisition of medium and high-level skills that will lead to formal qualifications
  • provide high-quality programmes that are diverse, work-orientated and responsive to support the vision of a “smart province”.

Owing to the diversity of the three institutions, it is possible to cater for the needs of a very diverse target market and the College will continue to play a vital role in the upgrading and improvement of not only qualifications, but also the living standards of the people it will be serving; it is indeed:
“Inspiring individuals”