Opportunities after Completing your Studies ?

A great deal of people are unsure of what their next move should be after completing several years of studies. Graduates from colleges in South Africa and Tshwane North College are no different. It can be an uneasy time where one feels one must make a long term commitment quickly. This needn’t be the case, there are options available that allow graduates and students to try their hand in the work sector that they have undergone training in.

Fresh out of varsity and not sure what path you want to take? We have a few options that are available that can help you decide which option is preferable for you. African Sunrise Volunteers in South Africa, is one such organization that can assist you with finding that middle-ground, an opportunity to exercise your skills studied without committing to a long job contract.
Volunteering refers to undertaking and assisting in a certain outreach program. It normally refers to working in old age homes, charities and children’s homes. The children are mostly orphans or come from poor backgrounds.
Volunteering goes far and beyond than just lending a helping hand. It caters for people who need love, support and attention in the most heartbreaking ways. One of the hardest jobs of being a volunteer is having the ability to instill hope in a hopeless child. This can’t be accomplished if you don’t have passion and affection for helping individuals.
With little to no remuneration, the highest pay cheque is knowing you have changed a child who was once suicidal to being spiritual. If you ask me that is the best change money can buy.
Internship refers to working for an organization for stipulated period of time to gain relevant experience in your aligned field of study. It is similar to a 9 – 5 type of job, the only difference is that you are employed on a temporary basis. The period of employment varies from three months to three years.
After termination of your internship contract, you may be liable for permanent employment but this is not always the case. Permanent employment is based on operational requirements and individual performance. The best thing to do is to give it your best shot to stand a chance of getting permanently employed. Jobs are scarce lately and if there is an opportunity of being retained full time then you need to do your best to get your piece of the pie.
Cape Town has quite a lot of options of volunteering and internship programs. A student job website called Puff and Pass is widely known for advertising internships every day. There are also a lot of homes that have opened doors for volunteers so you just have to be willing to knock on the right doors. African Sunrise Volunteers are based in Cape Town, and have a fantastic track record in placing candidates seeking internships in South Africa in ideal positions.
Above everything else, education is a strong weapon to acquire that gives you a step ahead in life. However, there are many ways of getting educated. Volunteering is a different kind of teaching that gives you a different kind of knowledge and expertise. It is not the common class room knowledge that you are used to. It is a distinct but yet significant kind of learning that teaches you the most important things in life.
There is no program that is greater than the other between these two. Both projects have been introduced to empower the youth by also stimulating their minds. It is a great way of starting your career and whatever option you choose will be relevant for you in the future. There is no right or wrong between these methods of learning.
An application for an internship or volunteering program is also required from a candidate. There has to be certain requirements that you must meet and if you qualify for all their requirements, your application will be successful.
Alternatively, if you don’t qualify and your application returns unsuccessful, you have the opportunity of fixing your errors and trying again. One can’t give up because of one mere rejection. There are always new initiatives that are introduced in Cape Town to help build a better, stronger and smarter youth.
You can be anything you want to be, do anything you want to do and take any risk you want to take if you want to shine at your level best.
Now make sure you eat your academic and social oyster raw and enjoy it!