Flower Arranging

  1. Vertical arrangement teaching line form and depth space form Corsages
  2. Horizontal arrangement to be used as:
    Table arrangement with candle,
    If made much large – Casket Spray
    Modern arrangement with all round view
  3. Posy for bride with Aspidistra frame. (Banquet),
    Filling Bride with oases,
    Mastering rolling of aspidistras.
    Ribbons – Bows and uses in corsages and bridal bouquets as well asin
    Casket Sprays.
  4. Posy   For tables and florists
    Teardrop Bridal Bouquet
  5. Basket Arrangement
    Parallel systems arrangement – garden design
  6. Modern Mass – 4 separate areas with line in middle.
    Modern Arrangement with kale and gerberas.
  7. Techniques in large parallel system arrangement cupping, stacking,  packing, rolling, umbrella, terracing, layering, bundling, decorative bindig, pavé
  8. Framing in modern design
    Modern horizontal with back and mechanics of framing line with diagonal line
  9. Tradition mass
    Modern arrangement with curved lines and diagonal use of flowers
  10. Strelitzias in modern mass arrangement
    Basket – modern design
    Angels made of wile palm leave
  11. Advanced bridal posy with weeping willow frame
    World show arrangement with techniques such as umbrella-like shapes and layering and sheltering
  12. Equesetum frame with ornamental kale and Antirrhinums and Gerberas used together in modern design
    Platting – Arum lily

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