Garment Making

  1. Adhere to safety rules.
  2. Maintaining of a domestic sewing / over locker machine.
  3. Taking figure measurements.
  4. Selection of fabrics and patterns and use of a commercial pattern
  5. Layout of pattern pieces
    1. Transfer pattern marks / pattern envelope / grain line of fabric
    2. Cutting out of pattern pieces / pattern instruction sheet
    3. Stitching of garments
    4. Pressing of seams
  6. Make a garment
    1. Skirt with darts, zip, buttonhole, interfacing
    2. Pants with an elastic waistband
    3. Camisole with darts, interfacing, bias bindingMaking of advanced garments:  Jacket and pants
  7. Making of advanced garments:  Jacket and pants
    1. With sleeves
    2. With pockets
    3. With zipper
    4. With waistband
    5. With buttons and buttonholes
    6.  With facings
    7. With collar

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