Hairdressing NQF Level 2-4

Accreditation:  SAQA, Department of Education, SSETA.

Admission Requirements:    Grade 12

Duration:  18 months NQF Level 2,3 and 4

Time Frames:  Full Time

Programme Content includes:

  • Shampooing: Conditioning, scalp and hair treatment and massage.
  • Styling:   Brading, wet styling, dry styling and dreadlocks
  • Chemical Reformation:  Permanent waving, colouring and relaxing
  • The Programme includes both Theory and Practical Components

Career opportunities:   Platform Stylist; Wig designer; Salon Manager; Cruise Ship Hairdresser; Lecturer Magazine and TV Stylist; Hair Technician; Salon Owner; Barber; Sales Technician

Enquiries:   Email: /  Tel: 012 4011616

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