Mamelodi Campus

Physical Address: 
19403 Serapeng Road, Mamelodi East (opposite Mamelodi Hospital)
012 801 1010/1 / 012 401 1860 / 012 000 1284
012 801 1179
Directions:  From Pretoria to TNC Mamelodi Campus via Francis Baard (former Schoeman) Street
  1. Take Francis Baard (former Schoeman) Street and proceed straight until you get the Watermeyer Offramp. Turn left into the Watermeyer off ramp. Proceed straight with Watermeyer Street until it becomes Watloo Road.
  2. Proceed straight with Watloo Road until you pass Masakhane Bridge
  3. After Masakhane Bridge turn right at the robot into Tsamaya Street
  4. Proceed with Tsamaya Street up to the robot into Serapeng Road
  5. Proceed straight as if going to the Mamelodi Day Hospital
  6. TNC Mamelodi Campus is opposite the Mamelodi Day Hospital
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