Payment Arrangements

Office Hours:

07:30-16:00 (Mondays to Thursdays)

07:30-13:30 (Fridays)

Registration periods:

Trimester course register three times a year: January; April/May and August/ September.

Semester courses register twice a year: January and July

Year courses (NC V) register once a year in January


Campuses can be contacted for registration dates; fees and commencement of classes.

All students must submit or have the following available upon registration:

  • An original/ a certified copy of the latest school report/ senior certificate/ statement of results/ highest certificate.
  • An original /a certified copy of the identity document/affidavit and photograph in case of lost/no identity document/birth certificate.
  • All necessary fees
  • Proof of residential address and relevant contact details
  • Money for kits, stationery and learning material (where applicable)
  • Preferably accompanied by a parent /guardian if under 18.


Foreign students must have their certificates evaluated by SAQA.

They must have a valid study permit until the end of the relevant study period.

Certificates can be evaluated by SAQA: Postnet Suite 248 /Private BagX06, Waterkloof 0145 or visit their website

Please Note:

TNC uses reasonable efforts to include accurate and up to date information and assumes no liability or responsibility for any omissions or errors.

Information is subject to change without prior notice.

Changes or additions may or may not be incorporated in any newly complied and or printed versions.

Course offerings are subject to change. The College reserves the right to only offer courses that are justified by student numbers.

The College reserves the right to move a programme /course offerings to other Campuses without prior notification